Z Series Workstations

We’ve heard a bit of buzz lately about HPs new Z1 Workstation PC and thought we’d go straight to the source for the latest info.  Here is our interview with HP’s Workstation Market Development Manager, Mark Fenson.

Q. Having seen the initial media releases about the product, it looks great.  Tell us more about the design concept…

HP has been working on the new Z1 Workstation for a long time and you can see it shows in the finished product.  A lot of work was done perfecting air flow, noise and heat which shows
in the finished product today. One thing that I have seen already on the web is people wanting to know about the number of fans and what type of noise it generates. So far I have had one person head butt the unit trying to hear the fans.

Q. The Workstation Small Form Factor and Tower PCs have been very successful and reliable, what was the impetus behind introducing an All-in-One (AIO) design?

When you see the average desk space we all get these days, it’s clearly getting smaller and smaller.  On top of this we are asked to do more and more.  This was the starting point for the
Z1.  A powerful workstation that offers the benefit of a small footprint of an AIO form factor but with the functionality of what you’d expect from the desktop form factor series – which will like to term Z DNA.  This includes user replaceable parts, full access to tool-less componentry as well as the performance and reliability expected of a workstation.

Q. What are the built in features that a user can expect?

When you first look at the HP Z1 you are looking at a 27-inch billion colour IPS panel which provides an excellent visual experience with wide viewing angles and excellent colour replication. This is perfect for anyone in the visual and design markets or even the prosumer photography or video editor
markets. But it’s once you pop the hood so to speak of the Z1 that you can start to see the full feature sets. With nVidia Quadro professional graphics, Intel i3 or Xeon CPUs and up to 32GB of ECC or nECC memory you begin to appreciate its
full capabilities. Add in the options for Blu-Ray burners and SSD hard drives
and you can customise a solution for all levels of use.

Q. It certainly sounds like it has a lot to offer.  What sort of users are going to be particularly excited about the new Z1?

All level of users will be interested in the Z1. From a power user running critical applications in the office, to the consumer who is after an AIO power pack solution with ease of scalability. While the Z1 is suited for all vertical industries, some of the main users who will be particularly excited about this are CAD, media and entertainment users as well as education facilities. It’s perfect for the user after a great looking AIO with Windows 7 security and performance.

Q. How would you compare the Z1 with other AIOs, such as Apple’s iMac?
The HP Z1 is the only 27” AIO Workstation on the market, and with its professional graphics, commercial CPU offerings and server class memory, it stand well above the competition.

Q. Well, the new HP Z1 Workstations sound fantastic, and from what we’ve seen online they look fantastic; when can customers expect to get their hands on them?

Available NOW! http://www.hp.com.au/zseries

If you’d like to know more about the new HP Z1 AIO Workstation PC, give Correct Solutions a call today!