Your IT Geeks Turned 19

Remember the late 90’s? You probably didn’t own a mobile phone and if you did, it was probably a brick, back when we didn’t ask Google all our questions and the only tablets we owned were from the pharmacy.

That was the technological landscape in which Correct Solutions was founded by Wayne Small on the 14th February of 1997. This February, Correct Solutions has just turned 19.  From a small room in Wayne’s house with 3 staff, we have now grown to a team of 27 staff operating out of 2 offices servicing 227 clients in 2015.

What did we do to celebrate? (Aside from sticking our heads into dark rooms full of hard drives and modems!)

We enjoyed a birthday barbeque with our Correct Solutions family. While our tastebuds delighted in the sizzle of sausages, we gathered to reflect on and celebrate our achievements over the past 19 years and envision our next steps.

Words from our Founder

Our founder, Wayne Small shared some thoughts with us.

“When we first started Correct Solutions, there were a lot of IT companies that provided IT services, but there was a lack of business minded people in the IT industry. We created Correct Solutions to provide a holistic business solution to companies, not just an IT solution.”

Our 19 Year Journey

19 years is both a long time and a very short time. On one hand, it’s short when we think of how much further we can go. On the other hand, 19 years means we have braved the technology landscape during the two decades in which technology has advanced, helping our clients solve their problems and create proactive strategies to improve their systems.

In the initial years of our operation, we helped our clients purchase and install their very first computers. As the millennium kicked in, we helped our clients install Microsoft Servers and Microsoft applications that allowed businesses to streamline many processes that were previously more strenuous.

As time has passed, many more businesses have begun viewing I.T as an investment rather than a liability.  With that in mind, we embarked on new systems with our clients’ needs always a priority.

In more recent years, Correct Solutions has created its’ own cloud system/ Datacentre coupled with offsite backup spaces allowing our clients to have high quality cloud storage solutions that improve their efficiency and protected their valuable data.

In 2015 we took another leap by becoming an Internet Service to complement our existing Private Cloud/Datacentre services. The ISP has been an invaluable boost as we can now offer an even more complete solution while allowing us to proactively fix minor issues before they become a problem.

What’s in the Future?

We have accomplished a lot in 19 years, but what we’re really thinking about is what we can do next and we can do better for you!

“We have worked on a range of clients from 2 staff member based businesses to 7000 seat organisations. In the next 2 – 3 years, we will be growing our presence in the market, aiming to assist our clients further adopt cloud based technologies whilst there remains great scope for on premise solutions. 

– Wayne Small

Despite all the technological based achievements, the greatest source of pleasure comes from the people we have worked with, our team, our partners and our clients.

Drop us a line and tell us what you want Correct Solutions to do for your business.

We’ve got IT covered.