You. Yes you! You’re one of the main problems when it comes to cyber security. Statistics show that humans are more likely to be the cause of a data breach than the technology itself. You can spend all the money in the world on firewalls, antivirus software and so on to protect your IT infrastructure, but the reality is that if you click on that suspicious link, or run that program to see the cute dancing cat, then you are more likely to infect your computer and your network than ever before.


The most recent government report shows that 34% of all data breaches come down to human error. This means that, we, as humans make mistakes. No surprises here right! The challenge is how do we stop making those mistakes? Business processes and training can help prevent that. A trained employee is far less likely to make mistakes that would lead to a data breach as they are better enabled to spot potential malware. Likewise having proper business processes and procedures in place AND having your staff adhere to them will ensure you don’t become part of the 34%.


Are people within your business inclined to just follow instructions given via email blindly without questioning them?

What if that email didn’t really come from a business leader or manager? What if that email was asking “the new guy” to go and buy $500 worth of Apple Gift cards for a special customer right now?

What if that employee executed the fake order and emailed back the gift cards, only to run into the actual manager that same afternoon and found out that the email didn’t really come from them. Instead the malicious email came from a cyber criminal who impersonated someone else from your business.


This is yet another example of the several scams we’ve seen at Correct Solutions. All could have been avoided with proper training and awareness.


In the continuity of IT and technology training, you need to make sure your company culture aligns with what you’re preaching. For instance, if you have a culture that allows people to share passwords and other secure information within your business, it needs to stop! Employees need to have individual passwords for the things they want to access. That way when Fred from accounts leaves the organisation, but you forget to change the password to the company bank account, Fred can’t take a large amount of money on the way out, potentially destroying your business.


You can’t keep believing none of these things will happen to you. Sadly at Correct Solutions we’ve seen similar cases happened to more than one client…


How can I minimise the risks on my organisation we hear you say? Training and some cultural adjustments are key! Before investing money in the latest technologies, start by taking care of the foundations: have your team run through some solid cyber security awareness training.

As for culture, that bit is up to you. You the employee. You the business owner. You the investor. If you encourage a culture of security awareness and are consistent about it, you’ll avoid becoming one of the data breach stats.


Correct Solutions offers a wide range of training solutions. Our highly trained security team routinely run security awareness sessions for our clients to lift their game. Ask us for more information please, we dare you!