Microsoft has announced that October 26th will be the release date for Windows 8.

Microsoft is also continuing development of Windows Server 2012.  There’s been a lot of news in the media about how great Windows 8 is going to be for the end users, and how easy it is to use.  Most of that news is very much on target.  Windows 8 IS going to be an amazing new operating system for many reasons.

Windows 8 is going to be a massive change in the way end users see their desktop environment.  The first and likely biggest challenge will be finding the Start button that has been with us for so many years now.  You see – the Start button is gone.

Yes – that’s right – it’s gone.  Replaced instead with a new “Metro” interface that is really designed for touch screens.  What this means moving forwards is that potentially you may see more and more touch screen LCD monitors coming to market at reasonable prices. What it also means to be honest, is that users are going to need training on the new platform to become familiar with it.  Our testing so far of Windows 8 has been quite favourable aside from the new interface; most applications have worked right off the bat.  Having said that however, we want to caution you.

Many of our clients are keen to move to Windows 8 already and it’s great to see that enthusiasm for an unreleased product, but Windows 8 is not something you want to just upgrade to en masse.  Just like any other operating system upgrade, you will need to properly assess the impact on your business and with your applications.

We’ve been testing it for nearly 12 months now – well before it was publicly available.  This is a key part of the investment that we make in our relationship with you, our clients.  We want to be able to help ensure that you can adopt this new technology as fast as reasonably possible, but also at lower risk to your business operations.  We aim to help you know when it’s right to run towards something new, and when it’s better to move more slowly.

Microsoft is certainly doing a great job of getting the word out there to the public about Windows 8.  They’ve even launched a special upgrade offer for qualifying computer purchases between now and January 2013.  Clients that fall in that category can get an upgrade to Windows 8 for just USD $14.99.

That’s a great price to get the software.  Naturally, there will be a service cost involved in doing the upgrade, and we’ll talk about our experiences with that following the release of Windows 8, so that we can give you a very real world example of how well it works.

Not to be overshadowed by Windows 8, but the server side of the equation – Windows Server 2012 is also moving along quite nicely.  Correct Solutions has the privilege of being on a special program with Microsoft; we’ve already got 2 clients running a version of Windows Server 2012 in their production environments.

We are the only company in Australia to be permitted to do this.  We can’t talk more about it just yet, but will certainly do so when the time is right. At Correct Solutions, we’re so very fortunate to be able to participate in playing with new technology.  We’re a bunch of geeks at heart and love the way we can show you, our clients how to get the best out of Technology for your business.

Stay tuned for more on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 in the coming months.  It’s an exciting time to be a geek… and it’s an exciting time to be a Correct Solutions client!