Windows 8 Launch

by Ryan Spillane

As you may have heard from the internet, newspapers or even the large amount of Harvey Norman advertisements on the radio in the last few days, Microsoft has released their next Windows operating system, Windows 8.

I was fortunate enough to go to the launch event held at the Hordern Pavilion in Moore Park.  Pip Marlow and Deeps De Silver ran through how they are using Windows 8 now, and I have to admit it did look really cool and interesting; I wanted to get my hands on some of the devices they were using.

Little did I know that behind the curtain they were presenting in front of was a large demo area with number of notable Australians (Sailor Jessica Watson and V8 driver Rick Kelly were the two most notable to me) demonstrating how they have been using Windows 8.

There was also a pretty good showing from each of the main hardware vendors and their new hardware lines to take advantage of the touch centric use of the devices.  I was impressed by two devices that looked like small laptop/netbook devices, that you could detach the keyboard from then use them as a slate/standalone device.

I didn’t get to play with the Microsoft Surface (Microsoft’s foray into the tablet/slate market) due to the sheer number of people wanting to have a look – however I am heading to the USA this week so you never know what might come back from a quick trip to the shops while I am over there!

Come to think of it, I don’t remember seeing a Mouse anywhere there, which does raise some concerns. Windows 8 is designed for us to touch and gesture on the screens, how is that going to work for the traditional screens we are used to now? I haven’t had enough time to test or play as yet, but I am very much looking forward to the possibility of soon being able to get rid of a traditional laptop and utilise a Windows 8 slate device while on the road and be able to dock it at home or the office and utilise larger monitors as I do now.


Microsoft Australia launched the Windows 8 operating system in Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion earlier today…

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