Windows 10 combines the best of the way you are familiar working with Windows, along with some major enhancements designed to boost your productivity. The best thing for most people is the fact that the Start Menu is back but it has been combined with the ability to add tiles like the Windows 8 interface.

As always, the Start Menu is fully customisable.

You can simply right mouse click on any location and a configuration menu will appear.

If you right mouse click a different region you will get different options. The above screen shot demonstrates what happens if you right mouse click on the menu list rather the tile region of the menu.

On the desktop you will also notice a seamless mix of traditional windows and applications as well new ‘modern’ applications like that shown above.

You’ll also find nice big option buttons all over Windows 10 to make it easier to use with touch devices.

All in all, Windows 10 already incorporates all the features you know and love with the best new features to help you get your work done more productively. That is why we believe there should be no hesitation in considering an upgrade to Windows 10 for your business. However, we of course recommend that you speak to use prior to undertaking this for your business so we can ensure it goes smoothly.

For all you Windows 10 question please contact Correct on (02) 8831 8200.