The last day to upgrade to Microsoft’s Windows 10 is the 29th July. Although, you can still upgrade at a later date, it will no longer be free.

So should you upgrade or not?

In the enterprise world, making the upgrade is a smart decision as it will allow you to take advantage of the most updated operating system. It’s also important to note that Microsoft’s support for Windows 7 may end in a few years. This could include things like patches and support calls.

However, many businesses are concerned about things such as compatibility with their existing systems.We know that many of our customers have not found Windows 8 to be particularly user friendly. To your relief, Windows 10 is much more user friendly and similar to the Windows 7 look and feel.To address these issues and to make the migration process smoother, there are some steps that can be taken.

Ready to upgrade?

Before you make the upgrade, it is recommended for business grade users to check what types of software are in their environment and whether they are compatible with Windows 10. As a business you should obtain confirmation either from your IT provider or directly from the supplier as to the compatibility of the software with Windows 10.

Once you’ve taken the precautions and obtained the confirmation of compatibility, Windows 10 can be incorporated into your environment with less risk. The same advice holds true for printers and scanners which may require you to download new drivers to ensure that they operate effectively on the new version.

When undergoing any system update, ensure that you have all your data backed up. If you don’t have a data backup system, talk to our back up experts. As a business you can’t afford downtime.

How do you access the upgrade?

So, how do you get your hands on a copy of Windows 10? These days it’s hard not to see the upgrade offer. If you are on an eligible system, you will have received notifications asking you to upgrade.

Installation time may vary between computers, so if you’re planning an office-wide upgrade, you may wish to do so before or after working hours.

Correct have a defined testing procedure that confirms your applications are suitable and upgrades your organisation to Windows 10 in the process.

If all this sounds complicated, we can help. Just drop us a line and ask of our out IT consultants to walk you through the process of updating your device.