The veins of any network are the cables that carry the traffic on your network. Ensuring these are in optimal condition is going to guarantee that your business is operating at full speed.

Cabling is all too often the component that is overlooked when it comes to network performance  This is because it remains largely hidden, however it is a critical determinant in how fast you can receive and transmit information. Given that cabling remains unseen it should be something that is checked to ensure that problems haven’t arisen.

Simple things like building extensions and vermin can damage cables to the point where they affect the throughput of the traffic being received. Damaged cables can affect not only a single desktop but your entire network depending where the degradation occurs.

There are some pretty cheap cable testing tools that you can buy. Basically you place a connector at each end of the run that you wish test and it will automatically run tests for you. However, a much better idea is to employ the services of a reputable cabler (not merely an electrician) as they are experienced in exactly what to look for and what needs to be done to fix any issues detected.

Finding a reputable cabler can be difficult but if you need someone please contact us and we can ensure you get the best person for the job.