How many times have you felt the panic rise when you can’t find your phone? It is a pretty bad feeling isn’t it? Luckily, in most cases your phone is simply misplaced rather than actually lost, but what would happen if it was indeed lost?

Losing a device like a phone is more than just an inconvenience, it is also a security threat simply because of all the personal information that is stored on these devices. Of course most devices have the ability to be backed up and secured via inbuilt and third party solutions but in most cases these must be turned on.

When you do enable these features, you can do things like easily locate a device via a web browser as shown above. You can also wipe or lock the device if necessary to protect it from prying eyes. Many applications will also automatically backup your devices information (such as contacts and call lists) so that losing a devices doesn’t mean losing everything.

The first thing you should do to secure your mobile is ensure all the free security measures are enabled and functioning. You can then look at some of the many third applications that are available to fill in any functionality gaps you may have.

If you don’t want to have the sinking feeling of losing your mobile, it makes sense that you spend a few moments configuring the inbuilt protection features such as ‘find my device’.

When it comes to configuring the security of your mobile feel free to contact us here at Correct for assistance at any time.