It would be hard to find someone these days without at least one form of mobile within arm’s reach at any time. So what’s your choice of device? Do you like a big screen or a small form factor?

The trend seems to be for large form factor phone devices, like the iPhone 6 Plus, rather than tablet devices. Tablets are very convenient but can be somewhat cumbersome when travelling day to day.

Bigger devices means bigger and easier to read screens. That also indicates that people are using their devices more for data than voice. Younger generations now only seem to communicate using Facebook or Snapchat. The most old school they seem to regress to is text messages. Carriers have acknowledged this move to data by bumping up data limits while making voice effectively free.

The next big thing people look for after increased screen size is long battery life. Apple again is generally acknowledged as the leader when it comes to this. With the screens of mobiles being active more of the day and communicating with the Internet constantly, getting a full day’s usage out of many devices these days can be a stretch. This is why it is always handy to have a charging brick or two with you just in case you can’t find a power point.

Next on the list are apps. The two big players in the market, Apple and Android, have massive range of apps in their respective stores. Most app developers create an app for both platforms so facing an operating system restriction is less and less of an issue, however some developers do focus on a single platform for simplicity. However, by and large, just about any app you really use should be available on both iOS and Android.

The last attribute people look for is aesthetics, that is, how it looks and feels. Given that many people spend long hours ‘caressing’ their devices, how it feels in the hand is very important. Given the varying proportion of people’s hands this explains the many slight differences in dimensions. Finally, its got to look cool, right? It’s no good buying the latest mobile and having look like something for last year. Another tick to Apple devices there.

So that’s what we think at Correct but what do you think? What’s your choice? No matter what device your business selects, we can ensure that it hooks up to your servers to access everything that you need.

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