What’s Holding You Back? The Biggest Misconceptions about the Cloud – Part 1

The growth of cloud computing continues unabated and many businesses have moved part or all of their business to the cloud, or at the very least are now considering cloud options more seriously as part of their ongoing IT Strategy. What’s getting in the way? Unfortunately, there’s a lot of incorrect or misguided information being published in the popular press that has ‘clouded’ (get it?) the issue.

If you’re still unsure whether making the switch is the right decision for your business, it’s likely because of some misinformation that you’ve come across. Correct have put together a 6 part series outlining some thoughts around the main misconceptions we see when it comes to the cloud:

I can quickly migrate all my information to the cloud.

An IT migration to any platform involves several moving parts and is never something to be undertaken lightly. Moving to the cloud has some unique challenges, especially around the actual uploading of data, due to the constraints of typical broadband connection speeds. This means that one of the first items on any agenda when migrating to the cloud needs to be a close examination of data sizes combined with the Internet connection speed.

Once suitable broadband is in place, the migration of data, emails, files, etc. can take a number of days to shift into the cloud. This is why it’s best to determine beforehand exactly what needs to be migrated rather than simply expecting everything to be ‘dragged and dropped’ across.

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to migrating systems is the presence of third party applications. This may include accounting applications, stock control, point of sale, etc. Many of these solutions are written to only take advantage of locally based networks. Some may have updated solutions that are cloud ready, but require exploration and then potential integration into any migration plans.

The good news is that there are plenty of solutions to accommodate what your business is after. These range from Virtual Private Servers directly from Correct to third party solutions such as Office 365. However, no matter what the desired solution, like any IT migration, moving to the cloud requires careful planning and implementation to ensure success. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

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