Part 5 of our Cloud Misconceptions series focuses on your data and who has access to it.

My data is no longer safe and secure because it can be read by governments

We live in a world where governments are demanding greater and greater access to digital information. As citizens and businesses we always need to ensure we comply with the applicable laws in our country. This means that no matter who the provider is, if they receive a legitimate legal request to access customers’ data then they need to comply with this.

Most cloud providers understand that to maintain a competitive edge in the market, they need to ensure that all their customers data is kept secure from illegal monitoring. This is why most have greatly increased their level of encryption and data security to ensure that data is secure within their data centres. They now dedicate significant resources to protecting all customers data from prying eyes, no matter where from. However, don’t forget that once information like email is sent via the public Internet, there are no guarantees of privacy or security.

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