Part 4 of our Cloud Misconceptions series focuses on the costs side of the Cloud. We will address the leaving servers onsite vs moving them to the cloud and also take a look at free services vs paid.

Moving to the cloud is more expensive than leaving my servers on site

One of the advantages that the cloud brings is scale. This means customers can take advantage of more powerful computing resources for a reduced price because the cost of these resources are spread across a number of customers. You still need to do your sums when it comes to implementing technology but you should not necessarily assume that resources from the cloud are more expensive, or less capable, than what has traditionally been implemented elsewhere. A major benefit that the cloud can provide is the ability to get up and running quickly, because the capacity is generally already available. Another advantage can also be found in the fact that most cloud systems don’t require a large up front payment; their costs are usually billed on a per-month basis.

Using ‘free’ cloud services is just a good

Some of the earliest cloud services, such as Hotmail, provide what many businesses believe are the same as commercial services like Office 365. Yes, Hotmail may provide email services, but many of these free services are financed via direct advertising to users. This means that many free email services use tracking to deliver targeted advertising to users. This may make it hard to explain to a business contact why ads appears in the footer of your email. Typically, free cloud services are not well integrated. Office 365, for example, is a suite of enterprise grade products that are linked by a common identity and provide the ability to easily share information between services such as email and OneDrive for Business. However, the major difference is probably that free cloud services have no guarantee of service or service level agreement. This means that if the services are down or your data goes missing, you only have the best effort of the provider to resolve the issue.

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