Part 3 of our Cloud Misconceptions series focuses on Security and Control. We will look at just how secure your data really is and the often asked question of “Who owns my data now anyway?”

Cloud systems are more vulnerable to hackers

The first thing to realise that just about everything is connected to the Internet these days. Your workstation, server, phone, etc. are all effectively part of the cloud. This means that all these items are potential targets for hackers. Large cloud businesses like Amazon, Yahoo, Google and Microsoft, by virtue of their size, are also major targets – but they also have significant resources that they can allocate to security and protecting the information they are entrusted with.

The advantage of moving to the cloud is that benefit of moving under the umbrella of the cloud provider when it comes to security. This means that you, and others like you, gain the scale advantage of spreading the costs of security across many users.

As the Internet becomes even more pervasive, security becomes the most critical aspect of many businesses. You can of course continue to do it on your own; or you can work with a trusted provider who can throw every resource at security challenges to ensure all customers’ data remains protected.

Moving to the cloud means I lose control and ownership of my data

In general your data remains your data. However, some providers may reserve the right to utilise your data in order to improve their ability to target advertising. All cloud providers are not the same, but for some like Correct and Microsoft the security, privacy and integrity of your data is paramount. ?Providers like Microsoft and Correct do not use your data in any way for their own benefit, and you maintain total control. Both have a commitment to maintain the privacy and security of your data just as it has been traditionally maintained on premises.

Correct wants the absolute best for your business – from increased productivity, to easier mobility, and more comprehensive security. Don’t let misinformation stop you from stepping into the future with cloud services; contact our team with any questions you might still have on 02 8831 8200 or email us at to find out all that you need to know about the cloud.