What’s Holding You Back? The Biggest Misconceptions about the Cloud – Part 2

Part 2 of our Cloud Misconceptions series focuses on just how much of your business you need to move to the cloud should you choose to open the door!

Moving to the cloud is an all or nothing proposition

The reality is, in fact, that the most effective solution is generally a hybrid deployment. That means some equipment stays locally hosted while other workloads that make sense are shifted to the cloud. As time progresses, more and more workloads will move to the cloud, but initially shifting everything generally doesn’t generate major benefits.

The workload that usually makes the most sense to move first is email. One consideration may be the need for data sovereignty, which may require data to be stored in a local facility managed by local IT providers. Correct provides such solutions via its Hosted Exchange, which removes the need for on premises email servers, but still provides the control and management that many businesses demand.

Another solution that has been around for quite a while that only recently also ticks the local data requirement box is Microsoft’s Office 365. In early 2015 Microsoft began offering services via local datacentres in both Sydney and Melbourne which means that Office365 becomes an even more attractive option for businesses who want to look for the complete package across Email (Exchange), Communication(Skype for Business), Collaboration(Sharepoint) as well as the full suite of Office products.

Correct have been implementing solutions across both our own services and Microsoft Office365 for the past few years so should you want to have a conversation around where you go from here and check your business’ Cloud Readiness please don’t hesitate to call us on 02 8831 8200 or email us at sales@correct.com.au.