Have you been using Clutter for your inbox? It’s a relatively new update from Microsoft that uses machine learning to automatically keep your inbox free of unwanted information.

Clutter leverages the Office Graph technology that now comes baked into Office 365. You are able to train Clutter to help it better understand what is important to you.

Clutter will take some time to learn your habits but it will also respect any inbox rules that you already have in place. There currently isn’t much configuration that is available with Clutter. To some extent you need to trust the algorithm.

Clutter needs to be enabled by each individual user via their Outlook Web Apps by selecting the Cog in the top right and then Options from the menu that appears.


Then locate the Clutter option under the Automatic processing option from the menu on the left.

Once enabled all you need to do is sit back and let Clutter do the hard work of keeping your inbox clear and hopefully making you more productive.