Chances are that you have probably not heard of Yammer. Chances are that it won’t be long before you will be using it (or something similar).

Social media is bringing about a major change in the way that people communicate. Most people are familiar with Facebook and perhaps Twitter outside their business but if these products are revolutionising communications why are they not being used more within businesses?

Most businesses are struggling with a way to manage external social media networks even if they appreciate the benefits, this however is where Yammer comes in. Yammer is a private social network that was recently purchased by Microsoft for over one billion dollars, that a business can control and manage themselves.

Yammer allows the ability to post updates and to view these in a newsfeed style layout much like other social media networks. It allows people inside a business to have conversations that are retained by the business. Yammer allows users to also share files, conduct polls, praise people, create announcements and so on. For a full list of what features are available look at the following site:

As important as email is it is becoming less and less effective as a communication tool for reasons that include, information overload, siloing, etc. Sharing information publically unlocks much greater value around the conversations that transpire inside a business. Yammer facilitates conversations around ideas, documents, projects and more. It better allows people to connect with others and those that have the information they require quickly and easily. Basically, it brings all the benefits of social networks into any business, large or small.

Smart organizations that are looking to improve the way they communicate and share information are seriously looking at Yammer. Microsoft’s recent purchase means that the product will very shortly be deeply integrated into all aspects of SharePoint Online. If your business is drowning in a sea of email, maybe it is time to start look at Yammer?