What is Volume Licensing?


Most smaller organizations are familiar with purchasing software either off the shelf in a box or having it preinstalled on a new computer (which is known as OEM). What you may not be aware of is the fact that all versions of software come with a license agreement that dictates how that software can be used. For example, software that is provided on a new machine is generally cheaper than purchasing the same software off the shelf but you are not permitted to move that software onto another machine. In short, OEM software lives and dies with the machine on which it is delivered with.

When an organization starts growing, their needs for software also grow and it is important that they are licensed appropriately because they could be randomly audited. An option that many businesses are now adopting is something known as Volume Licensing. This allows them to roll all the software from a single supplier into one agreement that can be paid annually. Also, rather than receiving individual copies and keys for the software all of the items that are covered in the Volume Licensing agreement are available for download and covered by a single installation key.

Having everything bundled into one single area make management and allocation much easier. It also generally means that all users can be on the same version of the software. Importantly, Volume Licensing may also has a number of benefits over other types of licenses:

– It can be moved from machine to machine as necessary provided the total number of licences remain below the number covered in the agreement.

– Allows the use of previous versions of the software in place of the existing version. This helps overcome any incompatibilities that may be present with third party software.

– The ability to automatically receive updates to the product (i.e. new releases) during the period of the agreement.

– The rights to have employees install the software on multiple devices and use at home.

– Included training materials

What is available with a Volume License depends on what options you wish to have included, the agreement is flexible enough to be configured to suit any requirements.

What many people don’t realize is that you can generally commence a Volume License agreement with as little as 5 users!

If you are interested in more information about whether Volume Licensing is worthwhile for your business don’t hesitate to contact us here at Correct solutions.