Services like Office 365 and Google Apps are what is known as public cloud solutions. This means that you pay for the service from a large provider like Microsoft or Google. The services that you consume are hosted on servers that are shared across many different businesses to reduce their costs and improve utilisation.

A private cloud by contrast generally means that you still access services remotely but you are the only one using the data centre equipment. Most private cloud solutions require you to still purchase the hardware and software while hosting this in a datacentre, rather than on your premise.

There are of course many different levels of what is available in private cloud solutions. You can for example rent the hardware from the datacentre if you choose. Private cloud solutions generally mean that you still need to maintain updates and the actual equipment as you would on premise but residing in a datacentre you get the advantage of very fast broadband connections and highly reliable power sources along with strong security.

Some businesses choose private cloud because they want to retain full control of their information, while others want to know exactly where their data is located. This level of control does come at a price when compared to public cloud but it is certainly an option if you choose.

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