Just because I work for a technology company, does not mean I understand technology. I am not in the demographic that grew up with all the electronic conveniences at my fingertips and I must confess I find it all bit too much at times. So, when we moved house and were told that we had NBN, I was completely underwhelmed. Apparently, this was a mistake that I now need to repent for by finding out what it all means in “Normal People” speak!

The Government has undertaken a massive project to give Australians better internet and phone access, referred to as the communication network. They are doing this by replacing an ageing network of copper cables with fibre optic cabling, (and fixed wireless and satellite technology in remote areas). This project is called the National Broadband Network, and the infrastructure is being rolled out by a company called NBN Co – hence everybody calling it NBN! NBN Co sells the services on to the usual telco names we are familiar with – Telstra, Optus etc, who sell it to us the end user or business. Simples!

NBN will not suit all business requirements as it is a “best effort service”, much the same as your current DSL. However, NBN will be a marked improvement on your current DSL experience, both in terms of reliability and performance. Unfortunately, it may take a while to get to get the NBN in your area, but by all accounts, it will be worth the wait.

If you would like some more information, or to check whether your address is NBN ready, give us a call.

Technology for Dummies (written by a dummy)

“Dummy” is a pseudonym of Debi Goodway – Sales Coordinator

Image courtesy of antpkr at FreeDigitalPhotos.net