What is Click to Run?

Click to run is a new technology that Microsoft uses to deliver Office applications from the Internet to a PC. This allows the applications to be streamed directly to a workstation via the Internet and then installed in the background. Doing so allows users to potentially use applications before they have fully installed because Click to Run installs major and common components before other non-essential items.

The other advantage Click to Run brings is the ability to always be up to date because program updates are also streamed and installed automatically without interrupting the user. This allows Microsoft to ensure you always have the most current version of the software as well as any new features that have been incorporated. This avoids the needs to download and install major service packs.

Where you typically see Click to Run installations today is via Office 365 as most suites contain a license for desktop applications. An administrator can also configure Click to Run to operate in the more convention method of downloading first and then installing directly. An administrator can also customise how a Click to Run installation is pushed out to users.

When you run an application installed using Click to Run the first time you will need to log into the application using a licensed user. This will normally be your normal Office 365 account. Once that is done you should see your identity shown in the top right corner of all Office applications. This allows others user to potentially log in to use that application instance if required. It also removes the need to enter activation codes.

So in summary, using Click to Run version gives you the following advantages:

  • Applications install quicker and can be used sooner
  • Applications are always kept up to date
  • No need to enter or remember activation keys

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Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net