What is BI?


BI or Business Intelligence allows you to easy make sense of your data. Typically it means taking large data sets, combining them into an interactive report that is presented via a web page. This allows the business to quickly and easily get a visual representation of what all their information means.

Typically, you use tools like Excel to connect to large data sets and then manipulate it into a form that can easily be displayed graphically. For many years people thought that BI was limited to large organizations, in fact every business, both large and small, have increasing demands for this sort of analysis. It is also something that is also expected to increase more and more as time goes on.

It is amazing to firstly see how powerful common tools like Excel have become these days and likewise to see how little most business take advantage of them. They pay large amounts of money for such tools and rarely use more than ten percent of the features available. This seems to apply across most technology assets business have these days.

The best investment that a business can make with technology is in training. Learning how to use tools effectively and understanding what features are available goes a long way to helping people to become more productive. It is also not a set and forget strategy, training is something that must be ongoing to ensure the most effective use of technology.

Importantly, effective technology staff training provides key employees greater reasons to remain with the organization. Remember, how you use technology is a key differentiator in the market. The more effectively you understand and utilize the technology you have the more productive and competitive you are.

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