Wiki comes from the Hawaiian term “Wiki”, meaning faster. Many people are familiar with Wikipedia on the web but don’t realise that they can set up their own style of knowledge base to capture information inside their business.

One of the biggest challenges in any business is managing all the ad hoc information found in the business. Unfortunately much of this information only resides in people’s heads and can be lost when they are unavailable or leave the business.

Capturing that information is exactly the job of a wiki because it makes doing it quick and easy. Creating a wiki page is done directly in a browser, and has the advantage that it is easy to link pages together. In many cases you simply highlight the text you want to be the link and then press a button. A list of existing pages appears to allow you to select the desired navigation.

The idea with a wiki is to allow anyone to update and change the information that is displayed, and that way the information remains current. Of course having the ability for everyone to edit documents opens up the wiki to abuse, but a wiki provides audit tracking which allows you to highlight every change made by a user.

You may not believe that a wiki can be of much benefit, however let me ask you, when was the last you saw an encyclopaedia? Web based wikis like Wikipedia have basically put businesses like World Book, Funk and Wagnall out of business. Information today is simply changing too quickly for print to keep up. There is also the amount of resources to curate, manage and publish information, however if you crowd source this then it makes the task much easier.

If you are interested in exploring what a wiki can provide your business, then you may already have one if you have SharePoint from SBS or Office 365. In any case, we’d suggest you give us a call and let us provide you the fast track to getting up to speed with using a wiki in your business.