A QR or Quick Response code is like a barcode in that it is an image that contains information that can be discerned by a reader. It was originally developed in Japan for the car industry but is now finding wider acceptance.

Maybe you have already seen a QR code, if not, here is what they look like:

You basically scan the image with a QR code reader, which are available free on most mobile devices. The information in the QR code may be something as simple as a web site address which can again be viewed on your mobile device.


You can easily generate your own QR codes using any number of free sites on the Internet. For example, the above QR code will take you to our home page at https://correct.com.au.

Withe ubiquity of smart phones these days it is surprising all the locations in which you can use QR codes. When you begin to appreciate how much information they hold and how easily they can be used maybe you should be using them more in your organization?