Microsoft has announced a new service it has added to all Office 365 suites known as Teams. The easiest way to explain Microsoft Teams is to think of it as a combination of Skype for Business, Yammer with a bit of SharePoint Team Sites thrown in. Another way to understand what Microsoft Teams is to think of it very like what the third party product Slack is like.

The idea is that in today’s business environment communication methods are changing rapidly. There is a much greater demand for communications to happen in public so they are easily accessible, discoverable and searchable. There is also a greater need to communicate using common methods found outside a business, typically via social media.

Thus, Microsoft Teams, like other services such as Yammer require a different approach to business communications. It is now more about culture change as it is about technology. The great thing is that there is no additional costs when it comes to Microsoft Teams for those that already have Office 365. All it needs to be is enabled.

You can learn more about Microsoft Teams have a look at this video:

Introducing Microsoft Teams

Services like Microsoft Teams and Yammer are ways that businesses can reduce email overload and promote better collaboration between employees and even outside business partners. All of this is possible with Office 365 today and embracing the new ways has revolutionised many businesses. The first step in this process is to take a look at what these new collaboration tools could do for your business.

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