Website Performance

binaryWhy is it that some websites seem to take forever to load, while others are there in a flash?

There are a couple of distinct factors that can make a real difference to the speed of your website; the first is probably the most fundamental.

Well written code.

How much do you know about writing code for websites?  While you don’t need to be an expert, you do need to understand that for a page to function well, to load quickly and display nicely across different platforms – from your desktop to your mobile device – it needs to have well written code.  So the first and most important consideration when selecting a web designer is; do they understand this?  There is a difference between someone who can create a nice design and someone who knows how to code well.  Finding someone who can do both and deliver on your expectations can be challenging – but not impossible!

Solid hosting platform.

The second factor involves where your website content is located.  The Internet works by serving up content over connections from server to your machine.  The speed of the server your website is hosted on can make a big difference to its performance.  Furthermore, engaging a provider that can offer a Content Delivery Network has the potential of making a big difference to how your website performs.

If your website is due for a refresh or you have concerns about the performance of your current site, perhaps it’s time to talk to an IT Partner that can hook you up with a great looking site that is not only designed well, but has great code and a solid hosting platform!  Want to know more?  We can help…