OneNote is one of those programs that you don’t realise you can’t live without – until you start using it.  Between the advanced organisational features of  Outlook 2007 and the powerful note taking ability of OneNote, if you are adventurous enough you really can do away with paper-based note taking.

If you have never used OneNote before then it is time to take a little trip.  Open OneNote from the Microsoft Office suite in “All Programs” and let’s get started.

OneNote offers you a “free-form canvas” upon which you can type, write, draw, and add images, text, graphics, links, screen clippings, even audio and video clips; any way you like.  Picture an old-school notepad or lever arch folder, with tabbed dividers that you would label with your subjects, grouping together all the notes you took in class with their like minded counterparts.

That is the basic principle of OneNote – this handy program turns that old-school tabbed notepad into an electronic tool.  You can separate and organise your notes by subjects or projects, or keep separate notebooks for different places and interests.  You can print documents to pages for ease of reference or insert documents as a file or a link.

For mobile users who take their laptops everywhere it is entirely useful for taking notes at conferences, client meetings, training sessions etc.  For anyone managing projects the ability to add notes and items, move and delete at will, to search and find information and to add more pages into any particular notebook when needed takes notation to a whole other level.

Templates such as Meeting Agendas, and Project Overviews (as well as a host of decorative starting points) add flare to an otherwise utilitarian page landscape.  But by far the coolest functionality is the ability to collaborate and share notes with other users.  By storing the notebook in a shared location (such as a  network drive or SharePoint) multiple users can access and update notebooks at the same time.

Do you use OneNote? We’d love to hear from you if you do! Tell us about your experiences, what your favourite features are and any examples of how you use OneNote to help with your day-to-day workload.  Drop us an email…