One of the things we forget in this ever-changing technology world we live in, is just how far we have come. Here is a short history recap of just how the way we purchase software has changed in recent times:

2007 – iPhone launched

2008 – App store launched

2009 – 1 Billion total app downloaded

2010 – iPad launched

2011 – 1 million unique apps available in store. 20 billion total app downloads

2012 – A single app, Angry Birds reaches 1 billion downloads. 40 billion total app downloads.

2013 – 1 extrabyte ( = 1 billion gigabytes) of data travels over mobile networks EVERY month.

These figures will only continue to accelerate as mobile devices begin to penetrate emerging markets. The growth of the mobile market is undeniable, however many businesses continue to ignore it as an entry vector for their business. Ask yourself how mobile friendly is your business for your customers? Perhaps it is even worthwhile thinking about a mobile app for your business? development is much cheaper than you think.