Using your iPad as a second screen

This post is courtesy of Correct Field Technician Derek Tse


Here is an interesting way of setting up a secondary screen for your PC or Mac is using your iPad.

To get started you will need the following…

· iPad 2 or above

· Windows or OSX system

· Wireless network

· Air Display 2 app (AUD $10.49)

· Air Display server program for your windows or OSX system


A simple and straight forward install for both devices, nothing that requires any configuration.

· For the iPad; open the app store and search for ‘air display 2’. Purchase the app and let it download/install.

· For your PC/Mac; head on over to, download the driver for your system.

Install the driver and allow it to reboot your system. Once you logged back in, you will see a new icon on the taskbar.

Working with second screen

Make sure the app is running on the iPad first; the app will give you very clear instruction on setting up the PC/Mac side of thing, great way to help setup without needing to resort to a manual. Make sure both devices are on the wireless network or the app and program will not be able to talk to each other. Open the program and select your iPad and connect.

The only thing that I have noticed using the app is you will need a good fast and stable wireless network. The responsiveness of the second screen is fully dependent on your wireless network throughput.


Avtron has made the process simple to install and to use, even the extra settings in the server program are only just 5 options. Another great feature is you can have multiple devices connected, this is great for presenting on multiple screens plus enabling the presentation mode will disable the touch and keyboard option. Also this app is compatible with some Android tablets.

Very few companies make their products this easy so hat’s off to Avtron.