Unsanctioned file sharing


Do you know whether any of your employees are using services like Dropbox to share files outside your business? Do you have any policy or guidance for them as to whether this is acceptable? If they are doing this why are they doing it? What are they trying to circumvent to get their jobs done?

Because there are now so many different services that allow you to share files quickly and easily Correct’s technicians are finding these applications installed unbeknownst to management in many businesses. This means that potentially confidential information is being leaked outside the organization without any compliance being applied to this material.

After discovering file sharing applications recently on many of their systems in contravention to corporate policy, a customer recently commissioned Correct Solutions to uninstall instances and prevent the same situation recurring. Because the client had the Correct Solutions management agent installed on its desktops as part of its network care plan, Correct technicians were able to push out a script to remove the application for all machine centrally. Without this it would require a manual uninstallation on each device.

However, merely uninstalling such file sharing applications is only treating the symptom not the cause. If file sharing applications start appearing in your workplace you need to ask “Why this is happening?” Why do employees have the need to use something like Dropbox to get their work done? There are plenty of more secure and controlled options that can be employed (such as SkyDrive Pro) to achieve exactly the same thing for end users.

Again, look at why things like Dropbox are appearing in your business and solve this before trying to tackle the job of preventing such applications from being installed on desktops. If you don’t they will simply continue to re-appear.