The festive season it is also the season when there is a rise in IT security threats. The bad guys know that many people will be receiving additional emails about deliveries and information from online shopping sites. They therefore craft their messages with this in mind.

In most cases you’ll receive an email with an attachment. You’ll be encouraged to open the attachment to view more information. Unfortunately, as soon as you open the attachment you’ll trigger the payload which typically is malware.

The most common malware that we are still seeing is the cryptolocker variant that will encrypt every file it can, and then hold you to ransom. In most cases there is no way to recover once the files have been encrypted except to restore from a backup (and your backups are good? Right?).

Simply opening an infected attachment at this busy time of the year can put a serious dent in your business, given the time that it may take to recover such an incident. You really don’t want to be battling a virus outbreak while you are trying to warp things up for the holiday season.

Education is always the most effective defence followed by a healthy dose of paranoia. You need to ensure that all staff members treat ALL attachments with caution and if there is any doubt then the attachment should not be opened. Encourage your staff to ask questions or contact us if they have any doubts. Better to be safe than sorry.

Remember, that Correct Solutions is here to help you protect your network from the growing sophistication of attacks that are being launched. However, your first line of defence is always your staff so ensure they are armed with the right information to help them make the best decisions when it comes to protecting your network.

For any security questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at Correct on (02) 8831 8200.

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