Do You Have Mobile Email and Web Access? If not then why not join the masses!

Many of you will already have remote access to email when using a laptop or a home PC, but these days using your mobile phone to do it is so much easier.

However, you have a big decision to make.    What kind of phone will you use?   There are 3 main choices – Windows Mobile devices, BlackBerry and the Apple iPhone.   There are others but these are the main players at the moment.

Windows Mobile devices work well but can be a little trickier to setup.   Once setup you will have good access to email, contacts, calendar, the ability to open Microsoft Office documents, web browsing etc.

BlackBerry claim to offer the best mobile email experience and this is hard to refute.   However, for it to work properly you really do need the BlackBerry Enterprise Server software running within your organisation.    This is yet another system that needs to be managed and maintained.

And then there is the iPhone.   It seems that almost everybody you see walking around staring at a phone these days is using an iPhone.    They are definitely the easiest of all devices to setup to talk to Exchange servers.   As an email device they work well, calendaring is supported but there are a few shortfalls, like not being able to snooze a calendar alert.   Web browsing works well but the big downfall here is Apple’s refusal to support Flash.   So if you need to visit websites that use Flash then the iPhone is not for you.

The BIG attraction for the iPhone is the fact that there is “an app” for almost everything.   They are fun gadgets and simply very “cool”.

The right handset for you is really based on what you will be accessing, whether you want a “real” keyboard etc.   Correct Solutions can assist you with making the right decision and with setting up your handset once you have it.