This post is courtesy of Correct Field Technician Derek Tse

The 3rd and final stylus on the list is the STM Tracer Deluxe Stylus.

STM is primarily a laptop bag brand which has grown to make cases and accessories for mobiles and tablets, check them out @


The stylus is roughly the same size as a normal pen, crafted out of two-tone aluminium with a metal clip. The pen holds 2 colours of black and red which can be replaced with some difficulty. It does need some force to pull out so don’t be afraid to put some elbow grease in.

Replacement pens can be purchased from any pen retailer, just look for either mini-pen or multi-pen refills.


The unique factor with this stylus is the tools it has hidden under the stylus nib. This stylus will please those that like to tinker with their mobile devices, especially on the iPhones.

It has a SIM card ejector pin and a 2 sided screwdriver tool to crack open an iPhone which I was able to do with just the tools provided – definitely a welcome addition and a standout point.

The gripe I have with the stylus is the fact that the nib is not for any type of precision work due to the very soft rubber. Also, the cover for the tools can be easily lost as it is only secured to the pen by 2 rubber ring. Then again, I see this stylus geared towards smartphones rather than for the tablets.

In summary

  • Smooth writing in pen mode, less accurate for stylus mode for tablets.
  • Great unique thinking with addition of mobile device tools.
  • Pen tips can be replaced, which is a must for these types of pens to continue to function.