A major security flaw has been uncovered in most Apple devices. It potentially allows an attacker to steal credentials as they are passed from your Apple device to an an email server. Once these credentials have been stolen, hackers can then also use this to deliver targeted malicious software to the device to further compromise the device.

Your can read more information about the issue here:

Apple security flaw ‘as bad as you could imagine’

The flaw apparently also exists in Mac devices as well, but no patch has yet been made available. It is therefore critical that you immediately update all your Apple devices.

Issues like these indicate the importance of updating all software including that running on devices as simple as an Apple TV. It also illustrates that no supplier is immune from such issues simply because software is developed by human beings and will always be imperfect.

With so many Apple devices in business these days it is important that you have a strategy for not only managing them but also keeping them up to date. Todays mobile devices are the easiest vector for hackers to compromise your business. The question is, what is your business doing to prevent this and mitigate the risk?