The Year That Was – Ryan Spillane

Our company Christmas party was 2 weeks ago and our traditional family BBQ was last week, and those two annual events definitely mean it’s time to write a yearly wrap up. What an interesting year it has been!

Colin and Martine both made milestones this year, with Colin being with the company 15 years and Martine for 10 years. Actually come to think of it, this is my 10th year too – how time flies.

While David, Ben and Mio left us this year, James, Bao and Glenn joined us, and at the time of writing we are looking for another 3 to join our growing team, so again a thank you to those who are no longer working with us and a welcome to the new guys.

Over the past few weeks we have been working on how to provide more pro-active services to our clients, and expect to have the first of these in place in the first quarter. This will be added immediately to our all Network Care Plan networks and we are working on a way for our break/fix clients to get access to this too.

2015 saw us start up our own Internet Service Provider to compliment what we do with our Private Cloud/Datacentre and Offsite Backup products, and as a result, we have seen customers receive some good discounts over what they were paying to other providers. It has also helped us, as we have been able to see minor issues with customer connections and fix them before they even knew about them. This can’t easily be done with other providers as we don’t get access to the log files that show us if a connection has issues. You will no doubt be asked who you are using now and if you would like to see pricing from us over the coming year, as with everything Correct, if we can help you we will. If we can’t we will be open about it and recommend a 3rd party option – it’s how we believe it should be done.

As to technology, the major releases our customers have seen are: Microsoft released their Surface Pro 4 and the new Surface Book, Apple released updated versions of the iPhone and iPad, as well as the new iPad Pro (which I am yet to see/touch/play with as yet, but watch this space!).  HP split their servers and pc/printers business units into separate companies (which we hope doesn’t cause us too many headaches as we navigate the new Hewlett Packard and HP Inc.), and quite a few of our clients have begun to follow our move to Fujitsu equipment.

I want to thank all our team for their hard work and dedication. To our existing clients who we love working with, and the new clients who have joined the Correct family this year, thank you!

Have a wonderful Christmas and here’s to a great 2016…