The New King of Content

Well, it just wouldn’t be a blurb about technology without a good old fashioned acronym!
CDN stands for “Content Delivery Network”.  If you have a website, particularly one geared for eCommerce, you may want to take note.

Without getting too technical, a Content Delivery Network does just what it says on the label; it is a large network of servers deployed in multiple data centres with the goal of serving up cached content to users, quick smart and in a hurry.  Let’s face it, if your competitor’s website is faster than yours, the average short attention-spanned consumer may not hang around for your product pages to load.  What a shame, because they really are fabulous!

According to an article posted on the New Relec blog recently, there are 5 main reasons you may want to consider a Content Delivery Network for your website.

Performance – a CDN sends your data along the shortest and most timely route to the end user.

Reliability – with a CDN, your digital assets are distributed across multiple servers.  Regional outages or hardware issues won’t compromise the entire system.

Scalability – that fabulous content of yours is only going to get more popular.  With a CDN, it is much easier to cope with unexpected surges in new users.

Cost Savings – compared to investing in your own hosting infrastructure, implementing a CDN can be a very economically viable option.

Search Rankings – put simply, search engines take into account page load time.  Improve page load and download speed, improve your position in the search results.
If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, a Content Delivery Network may be a practical option for your website:

  • You’re worried about the impact to your business of your website going down for even a short time.
  • You’re concerned about the rapid growth in traffic on your website affecting its performance.
  • You lose business because your website can’t handle spikes in traffic that occur.
  • You’re concerned about the spiralling operating costs your website is causing.
  • You’re concerned that you are losing business to competitors with better performing websites.
  • You want to deliver content to overseas locations with the same performance as local suppliers.
  • Your website infrastructure is unstable or needs upgrading to cope with the demands of web traffic..

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