“The little details..”

The iPhone phenomenon is in its next wave with the release of the iPhone 4, which boasts many major improvements over the iPhone 3G & 3GS.

If you already own an iPhone the first thing you notice about the new hardware is its weight. It feels marginally heavier than the earlier models; this gives the impression of strength – which is one of the iPhone 4’s best new features.   It feels very solid the chassis has no flex.  The new design is thin, sleek & smooth and the display goes from edge to edge without a bezel for dust and dirt to collect.

With Apple’s own A4 processor running at 1GHz and 512MB of system memory, the phone is snappy and responsive.  You are never left waiting for an App to open. The iPhone 4 now has the much publicised stainless steel band around the side which doubles as the antenna of the phone.

We’ve used the phone without a case and not had one dropped call (or even noticed the signal drop) while giving it the old “Death Grip”. Nicknamed the “Retina” Display due to Apple’s claim that the resolution of the screen essentially tops what is perceivable by the human eye, the new screen is stunning, boasting 960×640 pixel resolution.  It is noticeably sharper than any other smart phone on the market.

Expect exceptional photos from the rear camera (5 mega pixel with an LED flash). There is also a front facing camera which enables another new feature – FaceTime!  Now video calling is nothing new – we’ve all experienced those choppy pictures where you can hardly make out the other persons facial expressions!  FaceTime totally redefines how video calling should be done. The picture is sharp, the sound is crisp.

The only downfall is that it can only be used between iPhone 4 users connected to a WiFi network at the moment. There will be support for FaceTime over 3G in the future and also to other devices. The 5mp camera can also record HD video at 720p. The new iOS4 operating system platform includes upgrades such as:

  • Unified Inboxes – see messages from all your accounts in a unified inbox, organize messages by threads, open attachments in third-party apps, and more
  • Multi-tasking – switch between apps and keep them running in the background, if the app supports background operation.
  • Folder Organisation – drag and drop apps into folders to organise your apps more efficiently.

Apple’s App Store boasts the most apps available for purchase for any mobile device. Each app is tested by Apple before being let loose on the app store. This provides the end user with confidence when purchasing apps. Where we were lucky to get one full day usage out of a 3G we can now go for at least 36 hours without needing to top up the charge which is usually just while driving to and from Client Sites.

The combination of a blistering fast smartphone processor, beautiful new hardware, that amazing Retina display, upgraded cameras, and major improvements to the operating system make this an extremely attractive package. It is all the little details that make an iPhone an iPhone.