Another acronym that is beginning to permeate our daily language is the Internet of Things or IOT for short, but exactly what is it?

One of the greatest technological advances humanity has experienced has been the growth of the Internet. In essence it provides a single network in which it is possible for every human being to connect to. This connection removes barriers such as distance, class and so on and opens a world of opportunities. It, for example allows a farmer in Africa to gain access to weather predictions as well a commodity prices in their markets. It allows anyone to publish work for free as well as providing an infinite knowledge repository that can be accessed and searched in a matter of seconds.

When you sit back and examine the impact that the Internet is having across the world, there is little else that can compare. That impact has largely been for human beings but now imagine if other ‘things’ could communicate using the Internet. We know that the Internet is composed of servers and routers that talk to each other and share information. We have all seen live webcams of exotic locations but imagine if the ability to connect and communicate on the Internet was extended to everything, everywhere all the time.

Just take your car for example. Imagine a situation where your tyres could communicate and inform you of their running pressure, temperature and tread wear. Imagine that when they do become too worn that new tyres are automatically sourced based on your preferences and then installed without you having to do anything. Smarts in the car work out the best time for the tyres to be changed and simply communicate that to those providing the new tyres so that it is all done without your even knowing.

Now extend that ability to things like your windscreen wiper blades, engine oil, and even fuel. Imagine a world where everything is plugged into the one central network. Imagine a world where everything is able to communicate with everything else. That is the Internet of Things.

Of course, to some this sounds like the rise of the machines and the end of the world as we know it. Security is certainly a very important issue when everything starts being connected together. It would seem that we are heading towards this future at a very rapid rate none the less.

Is it possible that your business could take advantage of the Internet of Things? Could you be monitoring or reporting information better? Could you be automating tasks more? Could you be using technology better? If you need some help answering these questions remember that we here at Correct are here to help. Just give us a call on (02) 8831 8200

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