You’d be hard pressed these days to not have heard about ‘the cloud’. Unfortunately, like most other things geeks ‘invent’ it is given a name that does really help the ‘person in the street’ understand what it all means.

Here’s a good video that give you some idea of what ‘the cloud’ is all about from the ABC show Hungry Beast.

As broadband speeds continue to improve there will be less and less a need to have computers, servers and technology hardware installed at businesses. Most will simply connect to the Internet and then access what they need from servers connected to the Internet located in data centres across the world.

Many common business functions like email is already being outsourced by many businesses to ‘the cloud’ Microsoft Office 365 is an example of ‘the cloud’ services that Microsoft are offering to businesses large and small.

As the video highlights even the world of ‘the cloud’ is changing from download to streaming on demand services. Bandwidth is the key to all this happening, however with the future roll out of the things such as the National Broadband Network you can only except to see these trends accelerate.

The real question is how is your business positioned to take advantages of these changes?