A report from the UK has found that:

“businesses of all sizes benefit from well-implemented digital strategies”


“Overcoming the barriers to increasing usage will require a concerted effort by society at large. Individuals and organisations often lack the skills they need to go online, the awareness of opportunities available to them, or access to hardware and software. Instilling digital literacy, ensuring affordable access, and advertising the benefits widely would catalyze a change in our economy and society.”

It also demonstrates that highly digitized businesses tend to grow at a faster rate because of reduced costs from automation, improved communication, wider geographical reach and improved customer service.

Although your business is using technology have you truly embraced it? Have you truly made it part of your competitive advantage? Have you taken the time to understand and implement the huge benefits technology can bring to your business?

My personal experience is that few businesses appreciate the immense potential advantage they now have at their finger tips. Many, unfortunately, still have antiquated business processes and ideas that are not only holding them back but in many cases costing them money and putting them at a disadvantage to their competition.

Well-implemented digital strategies don’t simply appear, they need to be developed and fostered throughout the business. They need to focus on the needs of customers and employees. They need to look at ways of being more effective. They need to look at ways of being more efficient.

Take a look around your business and ask yourself whether your business is really making the most of what digitization has to offer. If you don’t have already have a digital strategy then maybe it is time to develop one before your competitors do!