With the desire to keep costs at a minimum and the rapid acceleration of technology, it is important that everyone knows how to make the most of their technology tools.  Studies show that with even with the most common applications, many people take advantage of a small percentage of the functionality.  This is like only ever driving a high performance sports car in first gear!

In our February issue of “That’s Correct” we looked at how utilising online training to empower your staff can bring real benefits in productivity.  We also touched on the fact that using an online training forum to educate your clients can be an excellent way of empowering your customers with knowledge about your products and services.

While online training courses are a great way of providing learning opportunities – they keep costs down; they are provided on-demand or can be recorded for convenience – many people still find they respond better to interactive learning activities such as on-site training classes or seminar style presentations.

In recognition of the need to assist businesses in getting the most from their technology, in addition to our online training offerings Correct Solutions also
provides on-site, hands on courses.  We have standard course packages available,
but can customise a specifically tailored curriculum to the needs of your business, at your location. On-site training makes the material more relevant to staff as they can ask questions about improving the tasks they do every day inside the business.

To gain the most from these on-site courses, we recommend that all attendees have access to a machine so they can follow along with the training. However, seminar style training is also
available for larger numbers of staff.  This is a cost-effective way to provide an interactive environment, where attendees can ask questions and obtain help on how to improve their understanding of the technology tools they have at their disposal.

Correct is happy to tailor a training package to suit your requirements.  Whether an online, on-site or even a hybrid model, where some of the material is delivered over the web and some in-house, we are confident that training can improve the productivity and knowledge of
your staff.  More effective staff has a direct flow on to improving your business’ bottom line.

To find out how onsite training can help make your business more effective and efficient please contact us for details…