percentageOver 1200 respondents were recently surveyed by in their annual Business Technology review.  Over half of the respondents were business owners, the balance made up of senior decision makers and employees, so it’s an interesting insight into how technology is shaping up amongst Small to Medium Enterprise.

The top insights from the survey are as follows:

Flexibility is the biggest carrot for migration to Cloud services, with 65% noting it as their primary motivator.  56% of businesses polled are moving to the Cloud, up from 42% in 2012.

Mobility continues to be a hot topic, with the number of respondents using tablet devices on the rise, up from 23% to 30% this year.

While 73.1% of businesses are using social media, many don’t quite know how to make it work effectively for them.  78% are using it mainly to communicate company news, however generating sales tends to come more from engaging a community in two way conversation and building thought leadership into marketing messages, rather than simply broadcasting information.

Businesses are on board with the NBN, with over 68% of respondents expecting that the rollout of the National Broadband Network will have a direct and positive impact on their business.

The growth of data continues to rise, 43.1% of those surveyed are downloading between 20 and 200GB of data each month and this only increases as more companies move to the Cloud.  This is a key reason why business grade internet connections and data plans are so important; to avoid data usage being throttled and to make sure the data plan adequately matches the need.

Source: SmartCompany Business Technology Survey insights.