For many of our customers, and in fact a large portion of the industry, Ryan needs no introduction. Having been with Correct for several years, his presence has been felt in many a server room, boardroom and training room. To say the man has fingers in many pies is understating things – just in our office alone he has 4 separate desks!

We asked the team@correct to submit a couple of lines on their knowledge of Ryan, and from the ones who were game (and clearly secure in their own jobs) got enough memories, experiences and dirt to keep a gossip mag in business for a few months, but since Ryan doesn’t have the time or inclination to read trashy tabloids, I will try to censor and edit it all down to some of the best.

He has a great work ethic, can be unable to breathe, bed bound and medicated to the hilt and will still be online working ‘til all hours. He takes multitasking to a whole new level – 4 screens at work, 6 at home, 3 phones and the ability to hold various conversations (at the same time) while taking in a scarily accurate amount of all of them. He also has a memory like an elephant which doesn’t bode well for the rest of us.

He has the worst handwriting – like old fashioned doctor bad, so much so that there are only a few people in the office who can read it, and I’m pretty sure sometimes they fake it! His being handy with a shotgun is something his girls’ future boyfriends may as well get to know about now. He has so much flying experience he knows the aircraft better than the crew.

Larger than life itself, Ryan is uniformly liked and respected by customers and suppliers alike, is not afraid to get his hands dirty, actively advocates for customers often to the detriment of Correct when we may not have the best solution for a customer. While internally Ryan always seems to get what he wants, we know that in any moment of difficulty Ryan is available and ready to assist, whatever the situation, time or his location.

In one final piece of Ryan related trivia one of the below options is where Ryan got his nickname from, can you guess which one?

A) Fuzzy Dice

B) Fuzzy Bear

C) Fuzzy Logic