One of the secrets to building a successful business is being able to efficiently repeat good practices over and over.

It is a fairly simple productivity formula; the more tasks you can automate for staff members, the more time you will all have to grow the business and service your customers better.

SharePoint incorporates something known as workflows. This means that you are able to create a logical process that automatically runs when something changes.  Key benefits of automating tasks include:

Efficiency – Informal procedures often result in confusion; workflows help to ease these frustrations.  In addition, a repository of knowledge results in increased productivity.

Control – over how information moves throughout the organisation.  Everyone knows the tasks assigned and escalation procedures allow for a proactive response to issues.

Accountability – in contrast to unstructured tasks set by email or filling out paper forms, workflow tasks don’t get lost, ignored or deleted.

Internally, Correct Solutions use Workflows to automate our leave request process.  When our employees enter a request into a SharePoint calendar, that request triggers an email, which is sent to a supervisor, prompting them to approve the request.  When the request is approved, the automated workflow ensures both the employee and payroll master receives an email, informing them of the authorisation.  At any point in time, the employee can visit the initial request to check on its progress.

There are many examples inside your business of simple tasks that can (and should be) automated.  The two most common uses are document management and (as in the above case of our internal leave requests) approval forms or processes.

“So where do I start?”

If you have Small Business Server 2008 or better, you already have the SharePoint tools you need to create automated workflows. If you don’t, SharePoint is a free download that can be installed on any Windows Server in your environment.

Correct Solutions can take just about any business process and convert it into a SharePoint workflow. We will work with you to not only understand your processes, but also ensure that it produces the results you want.

Unleash the power of automation in your business with SharePoint. Ask us how!