Microsoft has just announced that its new presentation app, Sway, has become generally available. This means that anyone can sign up to use the web based application at

The idea with Sway is that it is an easy way to convey all sorts of information. Yes, you could use PowerPoint, but for most people PowerPoint is far more powerful than they truly need. Most simply need a canvas onto which they can load their information, text, pictures, videos, etc, and have all the arrangement, look and feel taken care of for them. This is exactly what Sway is.

One of the recent additions to Sway has been the ability to share ‘Sways’ via is also an ‘updated’ initiative from Microsoft and as the site says, its purpose is to:

Publish your Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents, as well as other interactive creations like Sways and Office Mixes, all with rich formatting intact just the way you created them. Then organize publications on and web links together into eye-catching collections you curate. connects your documents, collections, and profile to search engines, broadening your audience and helping others discover your interests. Track likes, downloads, and comments on, and share or embed your content on social media and across the web.

Anyone can use simply by signing up with a free Microsoft account and then start publishing documents. Once published to information can easily be shared, embedded and controlled.

If you haven’t had a look yet see what Sway and can do for you and your business.