One of the growing trends is the increase of businesses storing their information in the cloud. Many are using Microsoft Office 365 to do this, however we are finding some are confused about the right location to store their information.

The reason that there is sometimes confusion is that within Office 365 there are a number of different locations in which information can be stored. The main vehicle for storage in Office 365 is SharePoint Online. Within SharePoint Online there are two distinct areas, Team Sites and OneDrive for Business.


OneDrive for Business (as shown above) is primarily for personal file storage. It is designed as a replacement for the traditional ‘home’ drive that many users had on their network server.

OneDrive for Business primarily allows a user to upload files, synchronize them to their desktop and their device.


Conversely, if you look at a SharePoint Team Site (above) you will see that by default it has a lot more elements. This gives you a hint as to what is designed for. A Team site can manage, maintain and synchronize documents like OneDrive for Business but it can also capture and share information around calendars, contacts, lists and a whole lot more. This therefore makes it more effective when there is a need to collaborate on more than file information amongst a group of people.

This means you need to think of a Team Site as location for all sorts of information that a team of people need to work on simultaneously.

So in summary, OneDrive for Business is for personal and file storage while Team Sites are for groups of people and a variety of information. Of course, because both products are built on SharePoint they can be customized to suit just about any need but out of the box this is probably the best way to think about the distinction between these products.