We’re a competitive bunch here at Correct and there is no better way to exercise that streak than with a blast around the go kart track.


That’s what over a dozen of us (plus some friends) did recently at Kartatak at Villawood. As you can see from the above picture, once we got suited up the ‘red mist’ descended and it was game on.


From the stands it is amazing how quickly the karts appear to be travelling around the tight and windy course. However, when you are actually behind the wheel and attempting to make a take over manoeuvre, it is amazing how slow the karts travel!


The main thing is that everyone had a great afternoon with a few track sessions but unfortunately it hasn’t extinguished the competitive instincts evident in many of us. In fact, it has perhaps spurned additional challenges and taunting that will need to be settled at the next Correct track day.