More and more often, there is a requirement for businesses to complete a software audit. Companies like Microsoft will contact a business requesting that they provide proof that they have purchased the appropriate number of licenses for the software that they are using. The onus is then on the business to provide this information to Microsoft in the time period provided.

When most businesses receive an audit request they rapidly realize how little they know about their environment and what software is deployed. Microsoft makes the process easier with a number of handy templates, but unless there is someone technically competent in the business, determining what actual versions are installed can be challenging.

For NCP clients, Correct is able to use its management software to remotely poll the machines and retrieve the installed software details. There are also a number of software packages that can be run on a network to extract this information but much of the process still requires hand collation.

Clearly the best method is to maintain an up to date software inventory and there are tools to make this an easier process to manage. However it still comes down to being disciplined about recording that information, as well as checking it to ensure that it remains current.

Correct Solutions offers assistance to all clients who may be the subject of the software audit. The cost associated with this depends on the support plan your business is currently under. The best bet is to always contact Correct Solutions as soon as you receive a software audit request so that it can be addressed as soon as possible with minimal business interruption.

Software audits are becoming an increasing fact of business life, as organizations like Microsoft check to ensure that businesses using their software have paid for all the products they are using. The best advice is that even if you haven’t yet been subjected to an audit you should be getting your house in order and tracking what software is installed inside your business because your chances of being audited are increasing.