Skype for Business webinars

Ever since the days when it was known as Lync, Skype for Business has had the ability to conduct webinars. This is basically a online meeting where one person presents video, slides, desktop, whiteboard, etc. to a large audience.

Many people who have Office 365 may not realise that the Skype for Business they have on their desktop can be used, to not only conduct these webinars with their own staff, but? with anyone external? even if they don’t have Skype for Business on their desktops. Such external parties can accept webinar invites and participate? using a modern browser.

You can even schedule a Skype for Business webinar directly from a browser using the web scheduler.

Once you have entered all the details you will be presented with a screen showing you the meeting connection information like this:

You can then copy and paste this information and sent it to all attendees. When they click on the link, if they have Skype for Business installed, it will launch and control access to the meeting. If not they will be able to participate in the meeting directly via the browser.

Of course any attendee will have to ensure that sound on their device is working along with the microphone if required. However, there is no cost for them to attend these types of meetings.

Using tools like Skype for Business can provide a way to minimise travelling expenses and promote faster information sharing, as well providing the ability to reach a wider audience. The meeting organiser also has the ability to record the meeting so the video can be utilised after the event. It is all built into Skype for Business.

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