Although email is a handy option for sharing files with others it does have its limits. More and more email systems are limiting the size and type of attachments they permit. This means if you need to share files with others, especially large files, you need to consider some alternatives.

There are of course many web based files sharing and storage options you can take advantage of if your needs are basic. Something like:

OneDrive –

is a great option because it is a Microsoft product and will integrate with your Windows desktop operating system (especially Windows 8) very easily. You get 15GB of storage space for free and you can always purchase more. The down side is that is a consumer grade services and lack features like auditing and low level control.

If you want more of a business grade option then you should consider:

OneDrive for Business –

which is part of Office 365. This will provide you with 1TB of cloud storage with enterprise features such as eDiscovery and enhanced security. Because this is a business product there is a per month cost to pay.

Other options in this space include:

Box – (free and paid versions available)

Google Drive – (free and paid versions available)

Dropbox – (free and paid versions available)

There are also plenty of sites on the Internet that provide comparison between the plans. Correct Solutions however strongly recommends you stick with the Microsoft solutions because they are generally as good, if not better than the competition, but they integrate so much easier with the way most businesses already work.

If you have any questions about the most effective method of sharing files for your business please contact us on 02 8831 8200.